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The size of our team and our extensive expertise allow us to accomplish absolutely any type of a building, regardless of its height or complexity!
Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Oftentimes physical and functional essence of any project needs to be represented digitally, in a 3D model format. In short, the industry is undergoing fundamental changes, not comparable in impact with anything before it, not even with the rise of lean manufacturing in auto-making in the 1980s. An innovative and time-saving tool called Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is the reason for that revolution. BIM technology rapidly enhances complex processes, shortcutting any project completion date, cutting the expenses and improving the overall quality of job. Loudoun Sheet Metal is using this exponent, We want clients to understand the incredible advantages that the BIM offers and we want them to embrace this new technology.
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Construction Services
Our customers love the pace/quality tempo that we show during each of our projects! We're comfortable with any kind of a project that you want us to build! As long as it's technically possible to convert your vision to a standing structure, we'll be more than glad to do it. These are not mere words, as since 1969 we've been fabricating and installing sheet metal in both small, private and commercial buildings , as well as huge, complex mega structures like a military warehouse, a commercial high-rise business center or a university's campus are...
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Value Engineering
With 45 plus years of experience we have many methods of giving you quality at a great value.
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Project  Management
We have 3 project managers, and all of our men have experience along with skill to oversee the job is done right and in a timely manner.
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Sheet Metal Contracting
When it comes to sheet metal we have been fabricating and installing metal since 1969. We are one of the top 5 sheet metal contractors in the region and will get the job done right.
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